1. I certify, by checking this box, that I have completed the registration form in its entirety, giving information that is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge.

2. Except for the information provided to you, I can guarantee that I have never applied to any universities or colleges on my own, either directly or through an agency. Additionally, every credential I have provided supports my application and is genuine and original.

3. I attest, by checking this box, that I am receiving guidance from Scholars Immigration regarding all facets of my overseas education and my possibilities for a future career. Also, Scholars Immigration has my permission to represent my candidacy on all matters about my admission and my interests with overseas institutes from my side of the table.

4. By checking this box, I give Scholars Immigration permission to share any information about my overseas education with any educational institution outside the United States. I give Scholars Immigration permission to send me regular updates via text message, e-mail, or phone call on either my cell phone or my landline.

5. I am aware that the academic programs and classes at international universities to which I will be applying will be governed by the terms and conditions and the requirements for admission established by the institutions which I will be using. Scholars Immigration Limited’s services are limited to assisting students in gaining access to educational institutions. This is the only type of assistance they provide.

6. By checking this box, I confirm that the programs and courses required for my education have been viewed and comprehended by me and that Scholars Immigration will not be held liable for the content of these materials.

7. I accept that Scholars Immigration Limited does not guarantee admission to any school and is not responsible if an applicant is rejected or refused for any reason. In these situations, no claim of any kind, shape, or form will be considered, and Scholars Immigration will not be held liable or responsible in any way.

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